The cost of bad hire can represent up to 30% of the annual salary of the employee. Bridge Talent Management leverages on various tools to shortlist the right candidates for your organization. We have access to over 1 Million professionals, we process, test and rank candidates based on your ability and make data driven decisions.

BridgeTalent Management charges an affordable fee for quality candidates, however we recruit/replace for FREE for all roles you outsource through our company.

Payroll Services

We use world class payroll systems that assist with end to end payroll processes, including;

  • Employee management
  • Payroll processing
  • Expenses management
  • Statutory compliance
  • Leave management
  • Monitoring time & attendance

Our in-house HR consulting team has vast experience in conflict management, labor laws and managing unions. 

If you are a Small medium enterprise, we support your growth by taking over your HR & Finance functions, while leaving you to focus on your core.

If you are a large company with 1000s of employees, we take over your payroll and ensure that there are no staffing gaps, hence ensuring optimum productivity.

Employee outsourcing

You can outsource to us a whole function to run your operations. We specialize on 2 key areas;

Trade Marketing Outsourcing

Our marketing unit aligns with your strategic plans to help you meet your campaign KPI’s. We recruit field team to drive your activations, merchandisers to position your products to customers and last mile product distribution in the market

Sales Outsourcing

Our Sales unit will set up your Telesales team from scratch, helping your business to scale using vibrant sales agents. We set up a telephony system, source and hire the right sales team, Train sales team on key fundamentals and monitor their performance through CRM reports and agent score cards.


Advance Avoid stress related to pay and increase your staff productivity. We connect the financial ecosystem with real time wages to empower every employee. We are bringing forward your employees’ pay today to take control of their current needs.

For your organization we help you access loans to top up your payroll whenever you need it.

Temp & Gig jobs

We source the right skills for short term projects. Pay only for what you need by tapping into the best talent in the marketplace.

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